Development Boards

RV-STAR Development Board

RV-STAR is a RISC-V development board based on GD32VF103 MCU

  • Microcontroller:GD32VF103VBT6(32-bit RISC-V Processor)
  • Power supply:5V USB or 5~9V External DC power(Arduino Vin)
  • Dimensions:66mm X 53.4mm
  • Arduino-Compatible Interface
  • Provide on-board debugger and JTAG interface

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Hummingbird FPGA Development Board

Hummingbird FPGA Development Board which is to prototype the Nuclei evaluation SoC (included RISC-V Core) in the FPGA,with the following characteristics:

  • Xilinx FPGA Chip (XC7A75T-2FGG484I).
  • Two DDR Chips (MT41K128M16JT-125K DDR III).
  • Two Crystal Oscillators, Y1 is for 100MHz Clock, Y2 is for 32.768K RTC Clock.
  • FPGA_FLASH, independent SPI Flash chip for FPGA to store its Bitstream (MCS format).
  • The jumpers, which can be used to configure the voltage level of FPGA_GPIO, as 1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V.
  • The FPGA_JTAG interface, which is the on-board USB JTAG programmer for programming the Bitstream of the FPGA.
  • Separated DC 5V power supply and a power switch.
  • The FPGA_PROG button to force the FPGA to re-load the Bitstream from the external Flash.
  • The MCU_FLASH, independent Flash chip for RISC-V core (burned inside FPGA) to store its instruction programs or read-only data.
  • The MCU_JTAG socket, which is the on-board JTAG interface socket for RISC-V Core debugging.
  • The MCU_GPIO connector, for 32 GPIO pins of the SoC.
  • The FPGA_RESET button for PoR reset of the SoC.
  • The MCU_RESET button for System reset of the SoC.
  • The button 1 and button 2.A
  • The LEDs.
  • The Switches.
  • The LEDs and Switches exposed connectors.
  • Up to 126 connectors for other FPGA IOs which can be used by user freely.
  • The RGB LEDs.

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HummingBird Debugger

Hummingbird debugger is specially designed for the development and debugging of SoC prototypes and MCU chips for Nuclei's Processor IP, with the following characteristics:

  • One end is a type A USB interface for direct connection to a PC, and the other end is a 10PIN horn socket, which can be directly connected to the Hummingbird FPGA development board
  • Support standard four-wire JTAG, two-wire JTAG debugging protocol, and two-wire serial port

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  • RISC-V Foundation

  • SICA

  • China RISC-V Industry Alliance

  • China RISC-V Alliance



  • Amlogic

  • VeriSilicon

  • Andes Technology

  • TusStar

  • Mocro & Nano Institute

  • 武汉光电工业技术研究院


  • TencentOS Tiny

  • Huawei LiteOS

  • PlatformIO


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